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The five Pillar Working Groups (PWGs) have been established. Their composition and objectives were announced during a webinar hosted on May 23rd, 2024. Ninety experts from the PREZODE science community will help deliver actions in line with the Strategic Agenda’s framework.

As announced during the general assembly, the PREZODE initiative set up PWGs composed of experts from the science community, to help deliver each Pillar’s goal and mission as presented in the Strategic Agenda. The main aim of the PWGs is to bring together the relevant experts in an innovative format and to develop joint recommendations and actions in a co-creation process to support international organizations and countries across the globe in preventing zoonotic disease emergence and spread, particularly in low-income countries. The PWGs will develop a framework shift to envision innovative prevention strategies, based on the five pillars of PREZODE.

On December 2023 PREZODE published a call for expressions of interest to participate in one of the five PWGs. As PREZODE relies on an extensive global network of experts from various disciplines and sectors, PREZODE members were encouraged to nominate and solicit applications from the most qualified scientists and experts to assist and support the work of the five PWGs.
On the closing of the call on January 26th, 2024, a total of 67 applications were received, including 31 from women (= 46%) and with 11 geographical regions represented. The selection process following the PWG’s call for experts was completed by the Steering committee (SC) on April 9th. They needed to ensure a good representation of various expertise as well as gender and geographical balance. 
Currently, the Pillar Working Groups are comprised of 90 international experts from the science community and members from the PREZODE secretariat, originating from 36 countries. Each PWG is chaired by a dedicated PREZODE SC member assisted by two science focal points from PREZODE’s governance.

Pillar Working Group 1: Understand the zoonotic risk and risk activities; chaired by Dr. Aitor Nogales, comprises 21 members.

Pillar Working Group 2: Co-design solutions to reduce the zoonotic risk; chaired by Dr. Waraphon Phimpraphai, comprises 13 members.

Pillar Working Group 3: Strengthen early warning systems to detect zoonotic risks; chaired by Dr. Wim van der Poel, comprises 19 members.

Pillar Working Group 4: Prototype a global information system for surveillance and early detection; chaired by Dr. Sarah Olson, comprises 16 members

Pillar Working Group 5: Engage stakeholders and co-design One Health networks and policies; chaired by Dr. Musso Munyeme, comprises 19 members.

PREZODE Pillar Working Groups (PWGs) have been officially launched on a one-hour open webinar on May 23rd. . You can watch the presentation here:

We are all looking forward to the exciting work. Thank you again to all the participants!

Modification date: 29 May 2024 | Publication date: 23 May 2024 | By: PREZODE