Vision and mission

Vision and mission

PREZODE supports science-based policies aiming at risk mitigation of zoonotic diseases emergence.

PREZODE is to help coordinate a large portfolio of regional, national, and international projects and programs concerning the emergence of zoonotic infectious diseases and implement innovative methods to improve prevention and mitigate emergence risks.

In line with the recommendations of the report on biodiversity and pandemics published by IPBES (2020), the initiative supports science-based transitions towards adapted and resilient socio-ecosystems, reducing the risks of zoonotic emergence while increasing biodiversity and fighting against poverty and food insecurity. PREZODE develops:

• A framework for the international coordination of research and innovation projects and programs, of One Health monitoring networks, and participatory projects with stakeholders.

• A platform for sharing knowledge brought by past, current and future projects and capitalizing on experimentations across world regions.

• An online resource center for decision-makers to enable public policies supporting emergence risk reduction strategies for zoonotic infectious diseases.

Modification date: 31 August 2023 | Publication date: 04 October 2022 | By: PREZODE