PREZODE scientific approach is based on co-construction. In 2021-2022, workshops were organized to co-design the initiative Strategic Research Agenda.

PREZODE preparatory committee organized co-construction workshops to co-design PREZODE strategic scientific agenda and operational plan for the next 10 years.

This co-construction was organized through different steps including 3 to 4 workshops at the regional and scientific levels to:

  1. Build up a common vision of the initiative together relying on the PREZODE pillars, its objectives, and expected impacts but also its challenges and potential obstacles;
  2. Map and invite around the table all the relevant stakeholders that would need to take part in this co-construction work;
  3. Identify the need for changes to ensure the adoption of the scientific innovations that would be promoted under PREZODE;
  4. Identify the activities that need to be performed to ensure the development and adoption of the innovations.

Workshops reports below:

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Regional workshops from May to July 2021
Regional workshops September 2021
Regional workshops from November to December 2021

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