Get involved

Get involved

Becoming a member of PREZODE requires to adhere to the values of the initiative and to support its elaboration.

Any State, legal entity, or group of organizations having or willing to have activities related to the One Health approach and to the prevention of zoonotic diseases can become a member of the PREZODE initiative.  

  • Becoming and being a member is voluntary and free of charge;
  • The first step to apply for membership is to fill in the application form below, sign the PREZODE declaration of intent and send it to
  • The PREZODE Secretariat will contact applicants having signed the PREZODE declaration of intent to check their eligibility and to propose their membership for decision by the GA.

By signing the Declaration of Intent in support of the PREZODE international Initiative, you indicate that you share the values of the initiative and that you support its elaboration. You will be informed of all developments of PREZODE and you will be invited to contribute to PREZODE's online collaboration platform. 

Eligible applicants will automatically get the status of observers before endorsement of their membership by the annual GA meeting following their application.

PREZODE members agree to:
  • Support the goals of PREZODE,
  • Endorse its core values, as stated in the declaration of intent,
  • Express their agreement with the Terms of reference adopted by the Initiative,
  • Contribute to PREZODE’s goals with local, national, regional, and/or international activities,
  • Communicate about their activities and plans with PREZODE and its members,
  • Participate in knowledge-sharing and capacity-building activities,
  • Explore possibilities for cooperation and joint actions with other members.

Engagement and participation

Members are entitled and encouraged to:

  • Actively participate in general meetings and working groups, to initiate projects and networks, thereby contributing to PREZODE,
  • Share information and data made available through PREZODE platforms and the PREZODE website on the basis of bilateral or individual agreements established for this purpose,
  • Share information about research, monitoring, and operational activities supporting PREZODE’s goals,
  • Become ambassadors of PREZODE in networks, conferences, and events related to its goals.




Application form for PREZODE membership

Please complete the membership form and send the signed letter of intent to

All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required

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