PREZODE (Preventing ZOonotic Disease Emergence) is an innovative international initiative with the ambition to understand the risks of emergence of zoonotic infectious diseases, to develop and implement innovative methods to improve prevention, early detection, and resilience in order to ensure rapid response to the risks of emerging infectious diseases of animal origin.

job vacancy

21 May 2024

Redaction: PREZODE

Junior Policy Officer/Assistant to the Secretary General of the PREZODE initiative

We are looking for a Junior Policy Officer to assist and provide support to the Secretary General of the PREZODE Initiative.
Pillar Working Groups launching Webinar

06 May 2024

Redaction: PREZODE

PREZODE Pillar Working Groups launching Webinar

May Thursday 23rd (3:00 pm – 4:00 pm, CEST)
At the new Intergovernmental Negotiating Body 9 session, PREZODE raised its concerns about the step backward on the One-Health approach in the Pandemic Agreement draft. The Agreement aims at making all countries of the world better prepared for, and able to effectively and equitably respond to future pandemics.
​​​​​​​On April 24th, Ivette Berrio, Vice Minister of Health of Panama, signed a letter of intent for Panama to join the PREZODE International Initiative, becoming its 26th member country.
Data and information management lie at the heart of PREZODE's mission. Currently, effective data management is indispensable, particularly in the realm of infectious disease prevention and control. The PREZODE Strategic Agenda underscores the necessity of bolstering accessibility to robust information for research, operational programs, and public awareness.

An international initiative to prevent zoonosis emergence