PREZODE (Preventing ZOonotic Disease Emergence) is an innovative international initiative with the ambition to understand the risks of emergence of zoonotic infectious diseases, to develop and implement innovative methods to improve prevention, early detection, and resilience in order to ensure rapid response to the risks of emerging infectious diseases of animal origin.

video explaining One Health prevention requires the sharing of information at all levels in real-time before it reaches higher levels of decisions. Crossing the data is key to getting a better view of the scene and being able to act promptly before a worldwide problem occurs. The community members are an essential part of it.

25 January 2024

Redaction: PREZODE

Communities are key to tackling health and climate change issues

Communities play a pivotal role in addressing health and climate change challenges effectively. The essence of engaged communities lies at the core of initiatives aimed at mitigating health risks, preventing pandemics, and adapting to climate change within the One Health framework.
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13 December 2023

Redaction: PREZODE

Welcome to 31 members!

We are pleased to announce that the PREZODE General Assembly endorsed the admission of 31 members who applied to PREZODE in 2023. We welcome them to the PREZODE community This endorsement not only expands our community but also enhances the diversity of expertise and perspectives within PREZODE. We look forward to developing new collaborative efforts to address the One Health challenge and prevention of zoonotic disease emergence!
To implement PREZODE scientific work, we are seeking highly qualified experts to join our Pillar Working Groups (PWGs), dedicated to developing a research framework based on themes and high-level actions identified during the co-design process of the PREZODE strategic agenda. The groups will identify concrete actions that might be relevant to support high-level actions, update operational needs, and address research gaps to assist the Steering Committee in re-evaluating the strategic agenda every two years.
The 2nd General Assembly of PREZODE (PREventing ZOonotic Disease Emergence) took place on 16th November 2023. Under the main topic “Strengthening Member Synergies”, the meeting emphasized the values of cooperation and collaboration which are at the core of PREZODE. The event was an opportunity to present the achievements of the international initiative since its launch in January 2021, the partnerships with International Organisations and projects progress and to inform about the implementation of its governance bodies. During the GA meeting, two calls for experts were announced, the names of the elected GA President and Vice-President were revealed and a brainstorming session led to productive exchanges between participants, bringing constructive proposals. Please find hereafter a summary of the PREZODE 2023’s GA meeting which includes links to all meeting videos and presentations.
At COP 28, PREZODE invited Countries and Organizations to sign a Declaration calling for collectively building one health-resilient systems to tackle the negative impacts of climate change on human health and health systems, animal health, and ecosystems.

An international initiative to prevent zoonosis emergence