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An event within the framework of the French Presidency of the Council of the EU
The objectives of the session are to present the scientific postulates and vision promoted by PREZODE and to brainstorm all together –animal, environmental, human health sectors but also operational, academics, decision-makers, and stakeholders… – on how to improve inter-sectoral and international collaborations to prevent and early detect emerging risks.
PREZODE host a side-event within the FAO Science and Innovation Forum on Oct. 13
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PREZODE hosts its first General Assembly on Oct. 11, 2022, from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm (UTC+2). The attendance of a representative nominated by each member is of great importance. A vote on the Governance of the Initiative will be organized during the week prior to the assembly.

17 November 2022

COP 27

COP27 - PREZODE side event

Links between climate change and zoonotic diseases emergence: prevention as a global solution through the example of the PREZODE initiative.
PREZODE organizes a roundtable on February 27 at the International Fair of Agriculture in Paris. The event will bring together speakers from various backgrounds to illustrate the topic “Science-society-policy dialogue in pandemic risk prevention”. The in-person event will be in French, and will be streamed online with translation in English. In both cases, you need to register prior to the event.
Representatives of PREZODE were invited to the Summit to address the importance of prevention to tackle emerging zoonosis.
Abattage d'arbre, Cameroun
Held in Libreville (Gabon), on March 1st and 2d, the One Forest Summit welcomes a session led by the PREZODE Initiative to address the link between climate change, preservation of biodiversity and prevention of zoonoses.
On April 21, PREZODE Initiative organized its first meetings with its partners. Almost 200 participants attended the event, organized in two sessions. The Interim Secretariat highlighted the initiative’s developments: first achievements, strategic agenda and governance, participative tools. Many Partners and Representatives of International Organizations -OIE, FAO, WHO- share their testimonies and support.

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