Roundtable SIA

Ensuring a science-society-policy dialogue to strengthen pandemic risk prevention

27 February 2023

Paris International Fair of Agriculture

PREZODE organizes a roundtable on February 27 at the International Fair of Agriculture in Paris. The event will bring together speakers from various backgrounds to illustrate the topic “Science-society-policy dialogue in pandemic risk prevention”. The in-person event will be in French, and will be streamed online with translation in English. In both cases, you need to register prior to the event.

The involvement of stakeholders at all project stages in preventing the risks of emergence of zoonoses with pandemic potential is a key and transversal pillar of the scientific framework proposed by PREZODE. The success of this approach relies on a permanent dialogue between scientists, citizens, and policy makers. To discuss the topic and its challenges, the roundtable panel, chaired by Jean-Luc Angot, PREZODE special Envoy of the President of the French Republic, will bring together:

  • Magda Robalo, President of the Institute for Global Health and Development, former Minister of Health of Guinea Bissau.
  • Brigitte Autran, President of COVARS, Professor Emeritus of Immunology.
  • Serge Breysse, Medical doctor with a degree in public health, Executive Director of the NGO Solthis.
  • Jean-Philippe Dop, Deputy Director General of the World Organization for Animal Health.
  • Mathieu Le Grix, Head of the Agriculture, Rural Development and Biodiversity Division of AFD.
  • Emmanuelle Soubeyran, Deputy Director General of Food, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty.
  • Florence Pinaud, Journalist, La Tribune.
  • Agnès Soucat, Head of AFD's Health Division.
  • Franck Berthe, senior livestock expert at the World Bank and coordinator of the Global Livestock Alliance.

If you wish to attend either in-person (in French) or on-line (in French and English), click here.

A synthesis of the debates with a link to the replay will be posted after the event.


Publication date: 31 August 2023