PREZODE celebrates its first anniversary

PREZODE celebrates its first anniversary

PREZODE celebrates its first anniversary

One year ago, during the One Planet Summit, the President of France Emmanuel Macron launched the PREZODE initiative, with the ambition to foster multilateral collaboration with and between countries and other initiatives to prevent the emergence and spread of zoonotic diseases, while ensuring food security and fighting against poverty. What has happened since then?

Thanks to the mobilization of all of PREZODE partners:

- the initiative now gathers 100 partners, i.e. International Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, Research Institutions, including 7 countries (France, Mexico, Belgium, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, Cambodia and Costa Rica) who have signed PREZODE’s Declaration of Intent. As such, they have demonstrated an interest to contribute to the development of initiative and to the prevention of future zoonotic disease emergence through a One-Health and participative approach. Moreover, international organizations like the FAO and the European Commission have expressed their support for the initiative;

- the initiative was presented during several high impact international events such as the World Health Summit in Berlin or IUCN World Conservation Congress in Marseille and mentioned during the last UN biodiversity Conference in Kunming;

- three series of co-construction workshops were organized in 8 regions of the world with the aim to to collectively define the vision of the initiative and identify the main needs for change, research questions or resources needed to achieve it.

In the coming months, PREZODE will see the launch of its first two programs:

- With a first budget of 10 M€, that will be part of a global budget of 30 M€ financed by the Agence Française de Développement (AFD), PREZODE’s first operational program aims to support five countries (Cambodia, Cameroun, Guinea, Madagascar, and Senegal) in the operationalization of their national strategies and policies at the interface of human-animal-ecosystem health. This will involve preventing the emergence and spread of zoonotic diseases while ensuring food security and livelihoods for the poorest communities, building on the five pillars of PREZODE.

- With a budget of 30 M€, financed by the French Investment for the Future programme (PIA),PREZODE’s first research program will provide funding for projects on the links between human activities and zoonosis emergence and re-emergence; on sustainable strategies for preventing the emergence of zoonoses; or aiming to develop innovative methods to improve the surveillance of pathogens.

Furthermore, this year will see the establishment of the governance of the initiative that will involve the partners having signed PREZODE’s Declaration of Intent.

PREZODE partners will also be involved in the writing and the publication of the Initiative’s strategic agenda that will assemble the knowledge gathered through the co-construction process and identify a way forward to foster zoonotic disease prevention.

We look forward to further exchanges with the whole community of actors interested in the field of Zoonotic Disease Prevention. We are happy to announce that PREZODE will host an event next month in the context of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

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