the multi-sectorial panel proposed practical recommendations to promote a stronger integration of science and prevention solutions in the current negotiations on the Pandemic Accord.
Paris Peace Forum

Enhancing Decision-Making for Pandemic Prevention – Paris Peace Forum Event

Returning to the Paris Peace Forum after being selected for the Scale-Up Program in 2022, PREZODE took part in the 2023 edition held on November 10-11. The overarching theme, "Seeking Common Ground in a World of Rivalry," engaged global governance leaders to address the paramount challenges of our era.

Co-organizing with the Paris Peace Forum, PREZODE hosted a roundtable on the 10th, spotlighting the critical link between science and policy in making informed decisions for pandemic prevention. In the present context, One Health stands as more pertinent than ever, leveraging science to incentivize and provide solutions, empowering communities to bolster local capacities, fostering dialogue between policymakers and scientists, emphasizing accountability, transparency, and the urgent need for collaborative action on this crucial issue.

During the Paris Peace Forum on November 10, a roundtable discussion titled "From Science to Policy: Informing Decision-Making on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness & Response" was co-organized by PREZODE and the Paris Peace Forum. High-level speakers contributed diverse analyses. Science's rigor in methodologies captures the intricacies of processes, offering an objective comprehension, thereby advocating for transparency and accountability in political decision-making. This integration fosters public understanding, commitment, and efficacy, crucial in guiding government decisions, as underscored by the lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dame Barbara Stocking, Chair of the Panel for a Global Public Health Convention, stressed the necessity of “a permanent dialogue between scientists and policymakers to ensure trust and acceptance of health measures”. Highlighting the regional aspects, Marie Ange Saraka-Yao, Chief Mobilization and Growth Officer at Gavi, emphasized “access issues, regionalization, and the need for diverse scientific solutions in times of crisis”.

Participants emphasized the One Health approach and the role of the science-led PREZODE initiative in cultivating and enriching such dialogues. Peter Sands, Executive Director of the Global Fund, highlighted the necessity for a holistic approach, regretting that “Our scientific, international organization and government worlds are still very siloed”, while Eloise Todd, Executive Director of Pandemic Action Network, acclaimed One Health as a "game changer," stressing the importance of a multidisciplinary approach that engages all stakeholders, including communities.

Anne-Claire Amprou, Ambassador for Global Health, France, highlighted PREZODE's tangible impact, demonstrating the value of this approach to decision-makers. Elisabeth Claverie de Saint Martin, CEO of CIRAD, elaborated on PREZODE's step-by-step approach, empowering at-risk populations through the development of a One Health community.

Such dialogues necessitate robust investment in pandemic risk prevention policies, addressing human, economic, and social aspects. Osman Daar, a Member of the One Health High-Level Expert Panel (OHHLEP), and Priya Basu, Executive Head of the Secretariat, Pandemic Fund, stressed the under-investment in prevention, especially concerning socio-economic factors driving spillover. Governance plays a pivotal role in enabling an inclusive dialogue. Agnès Soucat, Head of the Health Division at Agence Française de Développement, highlighted the importance of “transparent and autonomous governance structures,” advocating for “the integration of scientific guidance into policy dialogues through structured approaches involving data, dialogue, and political decisions”.


Publication date: 04 January 2024 | By: PREOZDE