Members Meeting report : PREZODE achieves significant milestones.

Members Meeting report : PREZODE achieves significant milestones.

Held on May 26, 2023, the PREZODE members' meeting, was a great success, providing an overview of the initiative's achievements two years after its launch. Read the report that includes links to the meeting presentations and videos.

Acknowledged at the highest level, the initiative meets its timeline goals and reaches an increasing community of stakeholders and decision-makers, bringing together more than 200 members, including 22 countries.

The full reports (to download here) highlights testimonies and experiences and provides insights into current partnerships and programs. Representatives of the Republic of Gabon, the Kingdom of Thailand, and the United Kingdom addressed the motives, expectations, and expertise they bring to the initiative. Representatives of Mozambique, Vietnam, and Costa Rica showcased their methodology to implement effective One Health platforms.

A session presenting actions ongoing in different countries or being launched under the umbrella of PREZODE was the occasion to hear about several projects, such as the Eldorado program, operated through international collaboration in Mexico; the PREACTS (PREZODE in action in the global South) program which aims to strengthen public health policies; the Academic research led by the PEPR dedicated to studying the transmission patterns of pathogens between animals and humans.

A presentation of the Pandemic Fund underlined the process of funding Pandemic Preparedness and Response (PPR) for low- and middle-income countries. The ongoing methodology developed by the Working Group WHO/PREZODE on quantitative indicators for the risk of zoonotic disease emergence was exposed to the audience.

Secretariat staff provided an overview of the PREZODE structure, governing bodies, and specific working groups on labelling, data, communication, and impact.

Read the full report that includes links to the meeting presentations and videos

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