Interview with Pr Musso Munyeme

Interview with Pr Musso Munyeme, Chair of the Steering Committee

Professor Musso Munyeme, Ph.D., MSc-VPH, B. Vet-Med, is a veterinarian, researcher, and Senior lecturer in Veterinary Public Health and Wildlife Medicine at the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Zambia. He is the appointed Chait of the PREZODE SC. Interview.

In a few words, can you tell us about the expertise you bring to PREZODE?

Musso Munyeme

“We have to foster the scientific component with the establishment of regional branches”.

I want to contribute to increasing PREZODE’s footprint in zoonotic disease prevention through a multisectoral One-Health approach in collaboration with key partners under the quadripartite organizations: WHO, FAO, WOAH, and UNEP. I also want to assist PREZODE to increase its visibility and presence on the African continent and beyond. On a personal level, I bring knowledge of tropical zoonotic disease prevention and an in-depth understanding of their implication for human health through food security and food safety. I have this shared responsibility to enhance collaboration and coordination across subnational, national, regional, and international One-Health sectors through a multisectoral approach to guarantee health security.



You have been elected to the PREZODE Steering Committee. How do you foresee your involvement in its scientific development?

My involvement in the scientific development of the PREZODE Steering Committee will be anchored on co-creation, adhering to the participatory principles and processes with the enhancement of wider consultation internally as well as externally for the benefit of the organization and helping it in the achievement of its set strategic agenda. One main thrust within the PREZODE Steering Committee is to foster the scientific component with the establishment of regional branches.

As Chair of the Steering Committee, what priorities will you address?

The first priority through the steering committee will be to find ways and means in which to mainstream the PREZODE initiative. Currently, although it's still a bit too early to say, I feel PREZODE needs to be mainstreamed, it needs to gain acceptance within the crowded space for zoonotic disease prevention. PREZODE needs to become more visible and relevant especially with regards to responding to various aspects of zoonotic disease threats, offering oversight and scientific guidance.

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