COP 28 DUBAI 2023
COP 28

COP 28 - Community Engagement and climate-smart health products

PREZODE, in collaboration with Unitaid and the Global Fund, co-hosted a roundtable during the 28th Conference of the Parties on Climate Change. The objective was to underscore the vital role of community engagement in mitigating health and climate change risks. Following the event, a declaration advocating for an immediate and thorough implementation of the One Health approach, encompassing environmental concerns, was endorsed.

Fostering partnerships among communities, governments, and multilateral bodies is crucial to operationalize One Health, empowering community-driven prevention systems and addressing adverse environmental impacts. This collaborative effort not only saves lives but also streamlines responses in a cost-effective manner. Recognizing the interdependence of climate, biodiversity, environment, human and animal health, industrial development, and finance sectors, the call is for innovative approaches to collectively combat existential threats to our planet. To explore solutions, PREZODE, Unitaid, and the Global Fund convened a roundtable session with esteemed attendees, including ministers, health professionals, global health leaders, and civil society representatives.

Session High level panel

  • Agnes Firmin Le Bodo, Minister Delegate for Territorial Organization and Health Profession, France
  • HE. Khumbize Kandodo, Minister of Health, Malawi,
  • Harley Feldbaum, Head of Strategy & Policy, The Global Fund, 
  • Marisol Touraine, Unitaid Board Chair,
  • Papa Seck, Chair of PREZODE General Assembly,
  • Thierry Lefrançois, One Health special advisor, CIRAD, PREZODE,
  • Louis da Gama, Unitaid Community Representative,
  • Nikolaj Gilbert, President and CEO, PATH,
  • Olivia Ngou, Executive Director impact Sante Afrique   Civil Society representative,
  • Ludovic Plee, FAO, Emergency Management Centre, Dr Ailan Li, World Health Organization and David Whineray, Director of Global Health, United Kingdom.

PREZODE panel highlighted the pivotal role of community involvement in mitigating climate change impacts and presented strategies to effectively engage them in mitigating climate-related health risks and bolstering pandemic prevention and response, aligned with the One Health framework.

UNITAID panel shared insights into its strategy for climate-resilient health products, emphasizing the need to redesign, produce, deliver, and dispose of health products to address the challenges posed by the climate crisis and advance global health objectives.

After the conference, PREZODE, country representatives, and Unitaid endorsed a joint statement advocating for immediate and comprehensive implementation of the One Health approach across all relevant sectors, particularly in environmental and health systems. This statement is currently being disseminated among PREZODE members and stakeholders.


HE Khumbize Kandodo, Minister of Health, Malawi, addressing public health issues caused by climate change at COP 28.

HE Khumbize Kandodo, Minister of Health, Malawi, addressing public health issues caused by climate change at COP 28

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