Call for experts

Call for experts to join the PREZODE Pillar Working Groups

To implement PREZODE scientific work, we are seeking highly qualified experts to join our Pillar Working Groups (PWGs), dedicated to developing a research framework based on themes and high-level actions identified during the co-design process of the PREZODE strategic agenda. The groups will identify concrete actions that might be relevant to support high-level actions, update operational needs, and address research gaps to assist the Steering Committee in re-evaluating the strategic agenda every two years.

In that regard, applicants must prove a broad regional and/or international expertise in the relevant fields of each pillar:

Pillar 1: Understand zoonotic risks and risk activities

Pillar 2: Co-design solutions to reduce the zoonotic risk

Pillar 3: Strengthen early warning systems to detect zoonotic risks

Pillar 4: Prototype a global information system for surveillance and early detection

Pillar 5 (cross-cutting): Engage stakeholders and co-design One Health networks and policies

This call is only open to experts affiliated with institutions and organization members of the PREZODE Community aiming to collectively implement the scientific agenda. As a PREZODE member, you have the opportunity to nominate experts or invite your colleagues within your institution and network to apply.

The application deadline has been extended to January 26, 2024.


  • Good proficiency in spoken and written English is mandatory.
  • Participation is based on voluntary commitment (no compensation is provided).
  • Dedicate around 1 to 2 hours per week to PWG tasks.
  • Participating for a duration of two to four years is essential.

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If you are not yet related to PREZODE and wish to contribute, contact one of our members.

Modification date: 09 January 2024 | Publication date: 08 December 2023 | By: PREZODE