Steering Committee

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (SC) proposes a strategy and time-bound deliverables to the GA and oversees the implementation of the initiative.

Aims and Activities

The Steering Committee (SC) is the body that elaborates and proposes the strategic orientations for the initiative.
In particular, it will:

  • propose annual work-plans and budgets for the initiative,
  • propose other strategic documents,
  • propose revisions of the Terms of Reference of the governance of the initiative,
  • propose revisions of the Strategic Agenda for the initiative every 2 years.

The SC will also be the body that makes decisions on several actions related to the initiative. In particular, it will:

  • decide on the endorsement (under PREZODE label) by PREZODE of projects, programs and networks on the basis of the evaluation by an ad-hoc working group,
  • decide on working groups or task forces on specific topics, guide and review their activities,
  • engage and communicate with potential partners and with stakeholders.

The SC will guide the Secretariat and review its activities.


The Steering Committee is composed of 5 colleges:

  • Scientific college: 5 internationally acknowledged scientific experts, in their individual capacity, one per pillar of the initiative. Members are elected for a 2-year term by the General Assembly.
  • Region’s college: 5 delegates, one per world region, elected for a 2-year term by the PREZODE members of the same region.
  • One Health International Organizations college: 1 representative per signatory organisation, with a limit of 4 representatives in total.
  • Donors Committee: 1 representative nominated by the Donors Committee.
  • Civil Society College: 3 representatives from non-profit NGOs.

The Secretary General and the Chair of the SAB sit on the Steering Committee as observers.
A balance between regions, genders and between human, animal and environmental health dimensions will be sought when organizing the SC elections.

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Role of the chair of the SC

The chair of the SC shall chair the meetings of the SC.
The chair of SC shall:

  • Consult members of the SC on proposals for the GA;
  • Ensure that proposals to GA are prepared and finalized for the GA meetings
  • Guide the secretariat in the preparation of the SC meetings;
  • Advise the president and vice-president of the GA;
  • Oversee the implementation plan of PREZODE.


The Steering Committee elects a Chair among its members.
Election for the representatives and the chair of the SC will be organized by the Secretariat.

Voting rights

Each member of the Steering Committee has one vote with the same weight.
To validate decisions, a quorum of 50% of the members of the SC must be reached.
All decisions shall be made by consensus wherever possible. If consensus cannot be reached, decisions may be reached by simple majority vote.


The Steering Committee may meet each month, online or in presence, and convene additional ad-hoc meetings, through sub-groups. The Chair of the Steering Committee has regular meetings with the President and Vice-President of the General Assembly and the Secretariat.

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