The Secretariat coordinates and implements the day-to-day activities of the PREZODE initiative.

Aims and Activities

The Secretariat is the body that coordinates and implements the day-to-day activities of the PREZODE Initiative.

In particular, it:

  • Supports the SC and the GA in the organisation of meetings and reports,
  • Prepares draft proposals that the SC would discuss, validate and submit to the GA,
  • Organizes elections for GA and SC,
  • Supports the additional working groups, or operational committees, on specific topics created by the SC,
  • Ensures the availability of tools to facilitate coordination, collaboration and communication between members,
  • Prepares communication materials to foster exchange with external stakeholders or potential partners,
  • Supports the review and evaluation of the activities performed,
  • Reports each year on its activities and on budget-related issues,
  • Deals with all issues relating to personal data protection, in pursuance of applicable rules.

To conduct its activities with efficiency, do the follow-up of the activities and the reporting and operationalize activities, the Secretariat sits in the SC and in the DC as observer.


The Secretariat will be composed of project managers and administrative staff.
The Secretariat will be led by a General Secretary who will be appointed for a 4-year term.
The Secretariat’s human, financial and material resources shall be provided on a voluntary basis by PREZODE members. A call will be launched among members to support the Secretariat. Members agreeing to do so will enter into a specific Consortium Agreement.

As a provisional measure, the meetings of the Secretariat shall be convened by the preparatory committee established prior to the creation of the Secretariat. The definitive hosting arrangement for the Secretariat shall be approved subsequently by the members of the GA.

Modification date : 31 August 2023 | Publication date : 14 December 2022 | Redactor : PREZODE