Scientific advising board

Scientific advising board

An independent Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) provides scientific and technical recommendations to the SC and to the GA.

Aims and Activities

The Scientific advising board (SAB) shall provide the Steering Committee (SC), including its working groups, and the GA with scientific and technical advice/recommendations.

Specifically, the SAB shall be able to:

  • Monitor the knowledge produced by the international and scientific community on the topics of the initiative,
  • Gather and follow-up the knowledge produced by the initiative,
  • Produce synthetic reports identifying the most promising research avenues and the remaining gaps,
  • Propose updates on PREZODE strategic agenda based on these reports,
  • Liaise with other scientific panels such as OHHLEP, IPBES, etc., to foster synergies.


The SAB shall comprise no more than 10 high-level scientists, mainly experts contributing to international and intergovernmental scientific panels on topics relevant to the PREZODE Initiative. Experts in the SAB are nominated in their individual capacity.
The composition of the SAB shall be balanced with complementary disciplinary skills and shall ensure gender and regional balance whenever possible.
The SAB may consult any expert or actor it considers relevant to its proceedings when necessary.

Selection of SAB members

SAB members shall be appointed for a two-year term renewable once.
A chair and co-chair shall be elected by the SAB among its members.
A call for applications to the SAB shall be opened by the Secretariat and circulated among PREZODE members.
A list of eligible candidates will be proposed by the Secretariat to the SC.
The SC shall establish a final shortlist of candidates to be submitted to the GA.
The GA will then elect no more than 10 SAB members among the proposed candidates.

Modification date : 31 August 2023 | Publication date : 14 December 2022 | Redactor : PREZODE