Donors Committee

Donors Committee

The Donors Committee (DC) gathers representatives of public and private donor organizations that are committed to allocating funds to PREZODE projects and programs.

Aims and Activities

The Donors Committee (DC) is responsible for mobilising resources in support of the initiative and securing the commitment of funds to PREZODE for research and operational activities.

In particular, the DC shall:

  • Identify and ensure synergies, equity, efficiency, and consistency of funds, concerning allocation and earmarking to reach the goals of PREZODE, inclusive of internally and externally funded projects and programs.
  • Be responsible for fundraising, mobilising resources and sourcing research funds for operational activities supported by PREZODE and PREZODE-labelled projects and programs.
  • When relevant, issue joint calls for project funding with other PREZODE bodies for administrative and technical-scientific support.
  • Strive to secure sustainable funding for PREZODE.


  • The DC comprises one representative per entity, public or private, who supports or can support PREZODE activities with funding or fundraising activities. 
  • The DC elects a Chair and a representative to the Steering Committee.
  • One Secretariat representative sits in the DC as an observer. 

The Secretariat will support the DC activities.

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