Donors Committee

Donors Committee

The Donors Committee (DC) gathers representatives of public and private donors allocating funds to PREZODE related projects and programs. It mobilizes resources in support of the initiative and secures commitment of funds for research and for operational activities

Aims and Activities

The Donors Committee (DC) is the body that takes responsibility for mobilizing resources in support of the Initiative and securing the commitment of funds to PREZODE for research or operational activities.
In particular, it shall, in line with the orientations voted on and designed by GA:

  • Identify and ensure synergies, equity and consistency of funds allocation and earmarking to reach the goals of PREZODE by combining internally and externally funded projects and programs,
  • Takes responsibility for mobilizing resources and funds to research or operational activities supported by PREZODE and to projects and programs labeled by the initiative,
  • Elaborate, when relevant, joint Calls for projects with the support of the Secretariat and of the SC and the SAB for practical and scientific aspects,
  • Strive to secure sustainable funding for PREZODE.

The DC elects a Chair and delegates a representative to the SC.


The DC is composed of one representative per entity, public or private, having provided funds with a minimal contribution of €1 M in support of PREZODE related activities.
One Secretariat representative sits in the DC as an observer.

Modification date : 31 August 2023 | Publication date : 14 December 2022 | Redactor : PREZODE